HK-Living – Zigzag Kussen


Cushion with jacquard weave black/petrol/white on one side – plain petrol velour on the other side. Hidden zipper closure.

We are passionate about design, fashion, prints, vintage and craftsmanship and love to work with kindred spirits. It was love at first sight with DORIS vintage! That’s why a co-creation between two Dutch vintage loving brands was the only option. So may we present, with pride: DORIS for HKLIVING! We were inspired to give our iconic HKliving lobby bench a vintage touch up, so why not renew it with a DORIS inspired vintage floral print? Also our pillow collection could use some vintage vibe, so we created a mix of double sided printed cushions, inspired by DORIS’ vintage treasures.

Kim Wijte is the vintage treasure hunter behind DORIS vintage. Her found treasures include: floral, boudoir, and ‘très chic’ patterns. Mainly found in clothing, but in our collaboration we decided to take it a step further. Together we created “something floral, something chic, with a boudoir finishing touch”; a collection that suits both our styles.

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kleur: Multikleur

materiaal: Voorkant 60% Polyester, 40% Katoen Lycra / Achterkant: 100% Katoen

afmetingen: 30x 40 cm